Hello Unified Volleyball families!

We are very excited for the upcoming season of volleyball! It was great to watch the athletes get back into playing sports again and for a little bit of time, things started to feel a little like normal again.
You will be receiving an email from Groundwork tonight  requesting a deposit for the upcoming season. Here is the payment plan for our teams.
TEAMTOTAL COSTDEPOSIT (Non-Refundable)DUE 9/1/2020DUE 10/1/2020DUE 11/1/2020
NATIONAL (15,16,17U)$3400$500$1000$1000$900
NATIONAL (13,14U)$2700$500$800$800$600
NATIONAL SELECT$2500$500$700$700$600
SPRING / 13-15U$800
With the uncertainty heading into the next season, we also updated our refund policy in the event the season gets cancelled. Here is the new refund policy, which is also located on our website. The $500 deposit will be spent on uniform packages, coaches gear, insurance, club registration, and items pertinent to the upcoming season.

Refund Policy

If there is a cancellation of the entire 2021 season before September, Unified Volleyball will refund all of your payments. If the 2021 season is cancelled before December, Unified Volleyball will deduct $500 and refund your remaining season dues. If there is any delay, suspension, or a partial season is missed, we will refund the prorated tournament entry fees, coaches travel costs, and unpaid coaches payments.

By September 1st, we will send additional information regarding Uniform Fitting date, AAU & USAV registration, and all additional paperwork for the upcoming season. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. We’re excited about the upcoming season. We hope everyone stays healthy and safe!

Brian Kim & Jason Gambone

Unified Volleyball