Spring Ball 2021

What is Spring Ball?  We will focus on fundamentals and mechanics at every session.  To enhance real learning we immediately use those skills in game-like play and put those skills into action in a team setting.

What is the goal for Spring Ball?  Practicing individual skills to prepare players for the next level of competition!

Why participate in Spring Ball? Fall Ball is a great supplement to school leagues or a great option for players not playing on a school team during the fall.  Players will receive training from our Unified Volleyball staff & coaches preparing players for the upcoming club season.

Who can participate? Unified Volleyball invites any players looking for the opportunity to play and compete during the Spring to join us for Spring Ball training.  We welcome players from any school, club, or other team to join one of our Unified Volleyball winter teams.

What age should my player be?  9 - 14 years old.

How are practices structured? There will be one practice each week.  One hour will be for skill development and the second hour will be games or game-like drills.

  • Training will consist of Overhand Serving, Serve Receive, Passing, & Attacking.  We will also focus on skills such as, communication, teamwork building, skill challenges, and developing strategic thinking to compete at the next level. Additional elements of the game will be covered throughout the session including: rules, rotation systems, and offensive/defensive strategies.
  • Practices will be planned & run by Unified Volleyball Staff.


Practice Location:  2938 Waterview Dr. Rochester Hills MI 48309

Cost? $90 (pro-rated cost)

 Date (Sundays)Time
Practice 14/112pm-4pm
Practice 24/182pm-4pm
Practice 34/252pm-4pm
Practice 45/22pm-4pm

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